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Color Selection

Choosing the right color doesn't have to be hard!  Let our Remarkable professionals assist you with your color selection and give you peace of mind.

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The Color Consultation


Every job receives a FREE one-hour color consultation with their Sales or Service Manager. The Remarkable team is happy to supply you with large color sample boards and assist you with your color selection, as they all have been trained in color theories and can suggest the perfect colors for your situation.


In the event you need additional help, additional color consultations are available at $60 an hour. 

painting, painters, carpentry, gutters, color samples
Color Samples & Boards


Before your consultation, it is helpful to request some colors that you like and give this information to your Sales Manager or Service Manager. They will be able to schedule drop-off of 2’x 4’ colorboards to assist during the color consultation.


Colorboards are limited to (6) per customer.  Additional boards are billed at $10 each.  Colorboards will ONLY showcase Sherwin Williams colors.  We DO NOT supply boards for other companies or custom colors.  Some colors may require (2) coats at an additional cost.  No guarantee of one coat coverage.

painting, painters, carpentry, gutters, color samples
Want to get started on some color ideas?


Explore Sherwin Williams' Endless Possibilities!


Sherwin Williams has made it easier than ever to visualize color in your space, so you can picture it before you paint it







Due to individual computer monitor limitations, colors seen may not accurately reflect Sherwin Williams paint colors.  To confirm yoru color choices, make sure to request sample boards from your Remarkable Painting Sales or Service Manager.



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