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Exterior Process

Fixing up your home doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming.  Let Remarkable Painting take care of your home and provide the proper protection from the elements.  With an exterior package you can expect:

painting, painters, carpentry, gutters
painting, painters, carpentry, gutters

Powerwashing must be done before painting to remove the outer layer of dirt, mildew or other impurities that are present.  


We use a power washer with 2,000 to 3,000 psi.  It is equally important to let the surface dry before painting.  Based on humidity and weather, your drying time will be determined at the time of washing.

painting, painters, carpentry, gutters
painting, painters, carpentry, gutters

Our professional carpenters will complete all wood work and repairs needed on your home.  During the estimate, your Sales Manager will review with you each piece of wood that they feel warrants replacement.  


As work is completed, the carpenters may find additional wood that needs replacement at additional cost.  Before any additional work is done, the carpenter will communicate with both the Sales Manager and the homeowner for approval.

painting, painters, carpentry, gutters
painting, painters, carpentry, gutters

All loose paint and caulk must be removed. We do this by industry approved standards with hand tools such as scraping knives and wire brushes.


We caulk all windows, entrances, and wood joints to help prevent air flow with a 40-year, or better, caulk.


Before painting, all exposed wood must be primed to properly accept the new paint. We use Sherwin Williams A100 Oil or Latex primer to soak into the wood and provide a sound foundation for adhesion of the new finish coat.  Primer is also used to seal any stains. Depending on the package you choose, you will receive either spot priming or a full prime.

painting, painters, carpentry, gutters
painting, painters, carpentry, gutters

We use top-quality, fade- and mildew- resistant Sherwin Williams products.  Our base package includes Sherwin Williams SuperPaint- 25-year Warranty with Advanced Resin Technology.

Other paints are available per your preference.  All paint and primers are applied using an overlapping spray method.

Upgrades to paint and application available.

No guarantee that the Exterior paint process will take place on consecutive days.
We allot a one-week time period to complete an Exterior project.

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